Intelligent Transportation Systems

The entire Expressway is lined with metal beam crash barrier on both sides and wire fencing. State-of-the-art Highway Traffic Management System for safe & secure passage. Strategically positioned Fire Fighting / Quick Response Vehicles, Route Patrol Vehicles and Security Vehicles to deal with any emergency. Yamuna Expressway is the most hi-tech highway in the country today. Built with an intention to provide the commuters with a safe, secure and convenient way to travel between Agra & Greater Noida; the Yamuna Expressway boasts of having state of art “Intelligent Transportation Systems” (ITS) to facilitate these objectives.

Key Features:

  • Best-In-Class “RF-iD” (Radio Frequency Identification) based
  • Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System for all existing 32 lanes at each Toll Plaza
  • Corridor Control Management
  • Yamuna Expressway Central Control Centre (CCC)
  • All three Main Toll Plazas (MTP) equipped with best-in-class “RF-iD” based Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System, for non-stop passage of vehicles with pre-paid tags.
  • Handling capacity of MTPs – 16 lanes on each side of the Expressway, all with ETC
  • State-of-the-art Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS)
    • Surveillance Camera after every 5 Kms on an average
    • Video Incident Detection System (VIDS)
    • Speed Monitoring and Vehicle Recognition System
    • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
    • Meteorological System
    • Speed Monitoring and Recognition System to ensure disciplined driving.