Safety & Security

Emergency Call Boxes (ECB) at every 2 km on either side of the Expressway – Emergency Call Boxes (ECB) have been placed at every 2 km to provide the road user an emergency communication channel to seek help in case of emergency. These call boxes will have hands-free operation and will be able to connect the user instantly to the control centre to seek assistance.One of its kind, 12 m wide Variable Message Sign Boards for display of information and warnings on weather, speed restrictions, traffic load, diversion etc.

System Integration and Centralized Monitoring & Control:

  • Fibre-optic network for systems convergence to the sub-control and Central Control Centres.
  • Central Control Centre of the Expressway, with large Video Wall plotting “Dynamic Road Map”
  • Round-the-Clock Fast Response Teams with specially designed custom-built vehicles for first level support to road users.

For emergency response of any nature; the expressway will have designated teams on a 24*7 basis equipped with specially designed vehicles. These vehicles are custom-built based on international standards and equipped with relevant tools for giving first level support to road users. The vehicles themselves will be monitored using a “Vehicle Tracking System” and “Mobile Radio” which will facilitate easy tracking and reliable communication.repairs/ maintenance etc.

Ambulance Deployment

  • Faicilty Km 16
  • Truma Center Km 35
  • Jewar Toll Plaza Km 38
  • Mathura Toll Plaza Km 95
  • Truma Center Km 107
  • Agra Toll Plaza Km 150

Truma Centers (First Aid)

  • Km 35 LHS
  • Km 100 RHS
  • Km 107 LHS
  • Agra Toll Plaza Km 150

Call In Case Of Accident Or Incident (Call CRO)

  • For Km (0 – 60) 7302322130
  • For Km (60 – 165) 8171989008
  • Tollfree no 18001027777