Departments at YEIDA

Planning & Architecture Department

The Planning Division is responsible for the overall visualization of the city as a whole and for formulating master and sector-wise layout plans accordingly. A project shall be initiated by the Planning Division, and subsequently named and allocated to a designated Manager (Landscaping/Horticulture) by the Deputy General Manager (Planning).

The Division is responsible for town planning, including plotting, designation of land use and planning for hard/soft infrastructure, building plan approval, landscaping, building designs, occupancy certification and signage.

The Division’s functions stem primarily from the formulation of a Master Plan; based on the inputs derived from the Plan, the Division identifies and selects the land for the purpose of acquisition and allotment. Once the land is identified and selected, planning Division commences more detailed layout planning and facilitation of building plan approval, post which an occupancy certificate is awarded to the contractor or allottee.

Land Department

The Land Division takes care of land acquisition and resumption on behalf of the Authority. The Division is also responsible for verification of identified land, taking physical possession of acquired land, and the distribution of the land parcels. The Land Division must liaise with district-level, state-level and Revenue authorities on a regular basis. The function of land acquisition may be undertaken via a proposal submitted to the aforementioned authorities, or by directly engaging with farmers for acquisition of land.

Property Department

There are 7 property-related Divisions working within the Authority, each handling management of plots categorized under one or more verticals. They are as follows:

  • The Property Division handles the Residential and Group Housing verticals
  • The Industry Division handles the Industrial vertical
  • The Commercial Division handles the Commercial vertical
  • The IT Division handles the IT vertical
  • The Institutional Division handles the Institutional vertical
  • The Builders Division handles the Builders vertical
  • The 6% Abadi Division handles the 6% Abadi vertical.

Each of the Divisions given above is responsible for property allotment and management of allottees under its assigned vertical(s). Each Division executes a similar set of functions, albeit within the scope of an individual property vertical. A broad overview of those functions is as follows:

  • Formulation of schemes for allotment of property, and allotment of property in line with those schemes.
  • Registration, allotment, recovery of amounts due against each property, as well as all correspondence with allottees
  • Registration of plots and execution of Lease Deeds in line with scheme terms & conditions
  • Provision and management of post-allotment services, such as transfer, succession, change in constitution (CIC), mutation and rent permissions
  • Collection of fees and dues in line with prescribed payment plans for each scheme/allotment
  • Coordinating with Customer Relations Cell, providing information and speedy redressal of cases referred

Generation of such MIS reports as may be prescribed from time to time

Projects Department

A project shall be initiated by the Project Division based on either budget provisions for the year, an advice from Planning Division or an advice from Village Infrastructure Development (a sub-Division of Social Development Division). The project shall be named and allocated to a designated Work Circle by GM (Projects). Each Circle than then shall be responsible for planning, tendering and execution of the Projects.

The Project Division is responsible for completing engineering functions including detailed estimates, time scheduling, construction, bills verification, appointment and monitoring of contractors and development of properties and infrastructure under schemes.

Apart from execution of Projects, maintenance of all authority’s assets including those of Urban Services also fall within the purview of the works Division. The works Division also undertakes landscape and horticulture planning and execution works.

The Tender Cell exists under the umbrella of the Projects Division, and is responsible for management of the tender process, from the receipt of Administrative Sanction/Expenditure Approval from the relevant authority through to the award of a project/contract to a work circle or third party entity. Tenders may be issued for the contracting of services during various stages of the land management process, but also for support activities, including advertising and security management.



Jurisdiction of Work Circles

S. No. Work Circle Name of Village/Sector
1 Work Circle – 1 (i) Village: Dankaur, Gadana, Mudiyan, Dhanori Kalan, Aalauda Jagir, Banjarpur, Sharakpur, Hirnauti, Arniya Kamalpur, Chooharpur Bangar, Parsaul, Niloni Shahpur, Mirzapur, Rampur Bangar (Sadar), Achcheja Bujurg, Usmanpur, Milak, Doongarpur Reelka, Mohammadpur Gurjar, Bhatta, Sakka, Thasiyana, Ameepur Bangar, Alipur Mutaina, Khwazpur Ameenabad, Chowki, Utrawali, Hazipur, Mohammadpur Jadoo, Nagla Sri Gopal, Nagla Padamsingh & Pachokara

(ii) Village: Bela Khurd, Changoli, Dugli, Chachura, Aalampur Halta alias Lodauna,Rawani Burj, Kakor, Vailana, Alipura, Sunpera, Mohammadpur Kehri, Nagla Govindpur, Salempur Jaat, Ajainagar alias Zaafpur, Jaitpur Jhajhar, Subara, Kutvaya, Inayatpur & All Villages of District-Aligarh.

(iii) Sector: 17, 17A, 17B, 18 (Pkt. 1 to 3 & 5 to 6), 19, 16, 15, 15A, 15B, 15C, 26A, 14, 10, 11, 12, 13, 35
2 Work Circle – 2 (i) Village: Salarpur, Chapargarh, Achepur, Chandpur, Rustumpur, Ronija, Chak Jalalabad, Mohammadpur Khera, Bhaipur, Mehndipur, Siroli Bangar, Dhanpura, Sultanpur, Faleda Bangar, Amarpur Palaka, Nagla Bhatona, Rabupura, Ghunna Taga, Maksoodpur & Fazilpur

(ii) Village: Alawalpur, Mevla Gopalgarh, Jewar Bangar, Sabota Mustafabad, Machipur Bangar, Alauddin Nagar aliad Dudera, Karouli Bangar, Karouli Khadar, Faleda Khadar, Kallupura, Chaculi, Aurangabad alias Humayupur, Dayorar, Ahmedpur Chorauli, Ramner, Ballabhnagar alias Karol Bangar, Sirsa, Neemka Shahjahanpur, Sadullapur alias Modelpur, Mangrauli, Aliyabad alias Mehndipur, Chatanga Khurd, Jhuppa, Shamsham Nagar, Bhagwantpur Chatanga, Meerpur Kach alias Kanigarhi, Jewar Khadar, Govindgarh, Bankapur, Khwazapur & All Villages of District-Mathura & Agra

(iii) Sector: 20 (Pkt. A to H), 21, 22A, 22B, 22C, 22D, 22E, 22F, 23A, 23B, 23C, 23E
3 Work Circle – 3 (i) Village: Jaganpur alias Afsalpur, Atta Gujran, Gunpura, Aurangpur, Fatehpur Atta, Belan Kalan, Mathurapur, Moonj Khera, Ballu Khera, Dairy Khooban, Kherli Bhav, Shuhedi Mahiuddinpur, Latifpur Bangar, Latifpur Khadar, Kadarpur, Makanpur Bangar, Muradgarhi, Chakbirampur, Tirthali, Miyana, Aakalpur, Birampur, Anwargarh Bangar, Takipur Bangar, Rampur Khadar, Takipur Khadar, Anwargarh Khadar, Sirauli Khadar, Nagla Hukumsingh, Nagla Jahanu, Kuber, Ranehra, Dayanatpur, Nagla Ganeshi, Nagla Chetar, Nagla Sarif Khan, Nagla Shahpur, Mandara.

(ii) Village: Mustafabad, Jagapur Doaaba, Makanpur Khadar, Mukimpur Sivara, Amanullapur alias Marhara, Bhikanpur, Mudhreh, Kanpur, Jahangirpur, Parohi, Milak Kareemabad, Dastampur, Kishorpur, Rohi, Banwariwas, Dhansiya, Ali Ahmedpur Garhi, Mohbalipur, Bhavokara, Thora, Machipur Khadar, John Chana, Ismaeelnagar alias Bhonthara, Rasoolpur Ekbeel, Parori, Mehndipur Khadar, Bhallabhnagar alias Karol Khadar, Azampur Hussainpur, Hasanpur Waksuba, Govila, Jalalabad, Chigrawali, Mumrezpur, Mohammadpur Naar, Kapna, Rakhera, Hasanpur, Nekpur, Bhunna Jatan, Jamba, Chapna, Ibrahimpur, Dansoli, Usmanpur, Manchand Udaipur, Kalakhuri & All Villages of District-Hathras

(iii) Sector: 26, 26B, 25, 24, 24A, 18 (Pkt. 4 & 7), 20 (Pkt. K & L), 32, 33, 34, 28, 29

Finance Department

The Division of YEIDA are, on their own, not to handle funds intended for disbursement to external or internal entities. The Finance Division, on advisement from the respective Division within YEIDA and receipt of approval form the requisite authority, disburses funds to these entities – e.g. refunds issued to unsuccessful allotment applicants, compensation disbursed to farmers for land, etc. All activity in context of fund mobilization, payments, budget formulation, accounting and book keeping are taken care of by this Division. The Division also consults on key processes, including but not limited to tendering and the issuance of administrative sanctions and expenditure approvals.

Administrative Department

The Human Resources is responsible for management of all personnel involved internally with the authority. This responsibility extends to regular employees, contractual staff, employees on deputation and any agencies or entities. The Division handles standard human resource management functions, including payroll processing, cadre development (i.e. promotion and training), employee welfare and benefits, and employee sanctions. The CEO, YEIDA, is the appointing authority to whom all matters pertaining to human resources are forwarded for approval.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Division is the primary customer-facing body within YEIDA. They are responsible for management of all internal and external communications, including but not limited to the publication of schemes for allotment under different property verticals and   publication of tenders through various print media outlets (as per requirement of the division floating the tender). In addition, the Marketing Division manages the Customer Relations (CR) Cell, which acts as the primary point of contact for external stakeholders submitting documents, paying fees, or simply visiting the Authority’s offices.


The Assets (Purchase & Store) Division is responsible for the procurement of all categories of assets including consumables (IT consumables,

Purchase & Store Department

RO water, and tea), dead stock and fixed assets (furniture), as well as maintenance of those assets. The Division’s functions span the entire procurement value chain, from requirement gathering and budgeting, to procurement of assets to recording of store and fixed assets and generation of MIS as required.

Systems Department

The Systems Division is responsible for establishing, monitoring and maintaining the IT systems used by the larger Authority, as well as its external stakeholders. This involves hardware tasks, such as procurement, maintenance, upgrading, as well as software-related tasks, such as software development, management of data backup and management of the Authority’s two online grievance redressal portals

Law Department

The Law Division caters to the Legal aspects of the Organization. It supports the organization in terms of Legal framework and gives it the necessary support by lodging or attending the legal cases either by lodging the cases or responding to the cases lodged against the Organization. The Division maintains a panel of lawyers and advocates in addressing individual cases.

RTI Cell

The Right to Information (RTI) Cell operates as a nodal office for RTI queries received for response by YEIDA and its constituent divisions. The Cell is responsible for initial receipt of the queries, and for delegation of those queries to the concerned department for appropriate response.

Common functions

The Authority handles a variety of functions that are not owned by any one Division. These functions may be undertaken by any one or more Division(s) on an as-is-where-is basis; the process for doing so remains the same regardless of stakeholders involved:

  • Land Allotment
  • Grievance redressal
  • Jansunwai
  • Tender Management
  • Contract Management
  • Policy formulation

Organization/coordination for Meetings

Name of OfficerDesignationDepartmentPhone NoEmail
Mr. Arvind Kumar (I.A.S)Chairman[email protected]
Dr. Arunvir Singh (I.A.S.)Chief executive officer[email protected]
Mrs. Monika Rani (I.A.S)Additional Chief Executive Officer[email protected]
Mr. Ravinder singh (I.A.S)Additional Chief Executive Officer [email protected]
Mr. Shailendra Kumar Bhatia, (P.C.S)Officer on Special Duty / IC Additional Chief Executive OfficerSystem7042639359[email protected]
Mr. K.K.SinghGeneral ManagerProject9871090080[email protected]
Mr. Sadanand GuptaOfficer on Special DutyLand9457602627[email protected]
Mr. Vishambhar BabuDy. General ManagerFinance7042199793[email protected]
Mrs. Subha SinghGeneral ManagerHR8700296412[email protected]
Mr. Mehram SinghOfficer on Special DutyElectrical/Mechanical9999806155[email protected]
Mr. A.K. MishraGeneral ManagerPlanning9205559210[email protected]
Mr. A. K. SinghDy. General ManagerProject/Asset/Nodal Officer Law9897143124[email protected]
Mr. Rajender BhatiDy. General ManagerProject9871090092[email protected]
Mr. Shardul Vikram TiwariManagerPlanning9415834348[email protected]
Mr. Ajay KumarAsst. ManagerProject WC-017042795922
Mr. AnishAsst. ManagerProject WC-019999491786[email protected]
Mr. Rajesh ShrivastavTehsildarLand8700296388[email protected]
Mr. Ranbeer SinghTehsildarLand8445868329[email protected]
Mr. Jeet SinghTehsildarLand9910309348[email protected]
Mr. Rajveer Virendra SinghSr. ManagerElectrical/Mechanical9555753606[email protected]
Mr. Satyapal BhatiSr. ManagerElectrical/Mechanical9871090090[email protected]
Mr. Sanjay ParasharSr. ManagerElectrical/Mechanical9871090089[email protected]
Mr. Vishwas Kumar TyagiSr. ManagerProject WC-027042795905[email protected]
Mr. Sudhir Kumar BharadwajSr. ManagerCivil WC-019412813647[email protected]
Mr. RinkuAsst. ManagerWC-027042795913[email protected]
Mr. Vishesh KumarAsst. ManagerProject WC-037042795907[email protected]
Mr. Arvind KumarSr. ManagerProject WC-04/039711206116[email protected]
Mr. J.K. SharmaAsst. ManagerProject WC-04/Asset7042795909[email protected]
Mr. M.N. TiwariManagerAsset7042795938[email protected]
Mr. Alok NathAsst. General ManagerIndustrial Scheme8448298733[email protected]
Mr. Brijesh Kumar KashyapManagerSystem/HR/Builder / Group Housing /Jaypee(LFD/SDZ)9717122488[email protected]
Mr. Sidharth GautamAsst. General ManagerSec-20, Residential Schemes9205691061[email protected]
Mr. A.K. SaxenaManagerProject WC-18700297201[email protected]
Mrs. Neelam SrivastavTehsildarLand8448298737[email protected]
Mr. Amit Kumar TripathiManagerFinance9415193184[email protected]
Mr. Avnish DixitPolice InspectorPolice9999955256[email protected]
Mr. Vinod Kr. SharmaRevenue InspectorLand8449317624[email protected]
Mr. Mange SinghRevenue InspectorLand9568613356[email protected]
Mr. Shyam SunderAsst. ManagerProject (Civil)7895284034[email protected]
Mr. Bhishm Dutt SharmaManagerProject (Civil)9411902568[email protected]
Mr. Balraj SinghAsst. ManagerProject (Civil)8077369904[email protected]
Mr. Yogendra SinghAsst. ManagerProject (Civil)9899000855[email protected]
Mr. Nand Kishor SundriyalStaff officerCEO Camp9818384866[email protected]
Mr. P.P. SinghAsst. ManagerProject WC-17042795920[email protected]
Mr. Anand Mohan SinghDeputy DirectorHorticulture9871090099[email protected]
Mr. NagenderManagerAll BHS Schemes/Institutional9910177696[email protected]
Mr. Ajab Singh BhatiManager Sec-18, RRPS01, RRPS02, RRPS03, RPS02, RPS03,RPS049810856523[email protected]