Draft Master Plan 2041

Vision :

A sustainable, efficient, well-connected, and globally recognized City that capitalizes on the economic opportunity surrounding the Noida International Airport and economic corridors while ensuring high living standards for its citizens.

Objectives :

  1. To strengthen the economic base and generate an employment surplus region through creation of an Aerotropolis and cities within the city.
  2. To provide high quality and affordable infrastructure ensuring quality of life.
  3. To provide safe, reliable, economical and environment friendly mobility.
  4. To create a unique identity for the city through culture and public life.

Salient Features :

  1. Create an appropriate urban form for the Greenfield city.
  2. Provide adequate space for airport city side development.
  3. Balanced regional development and conformity with regional plan
  4. Provision of high containment ratio to control traffic demand within the city limits.
  5. Sustainable development of a new planned Greenfield city with surrounding urban centres.
  6. Flexibility in land use to respond to dynamic and evolving market conditions.
  7. Prioritization of affordable housing for industrial workers.
  8. Integration of public transport system through Metro Neo, buses, NMT, cycle track, pedestrian pathway and IPT
  9. “Image of the City:” City level Central Commercial Centre with world-class infrastructure along with iconic pedestrian promenade.
  10. Facilities and movement of heavy industrial traffic through peripheral road.
  11. Logistics facilities near airport to cater to industrial demand
  12. Integration of existing villages
  13. Green buffer along Yamuna River, water bodies and canals.

Draft YEIDA Master Plan 2041 – Phase I

Master Plan

The plan is conceptualized by the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) in order to channelize and foster developments in a planned manner. The project aims for industrial developments and providing support to resultant in-migration from entire Uttar Pradesh and other surrounding areas. The Perspective Plan for the entire notified area and the Draft Master Plan 2031 of the area falling in the NCR area (Parts of Districts of Gautam Budh Nagar and Bulandshahar) has been prepared in the first phase.

YEIDA area is envisioned as an area with industry as its main economic activity, supported by knowledgebase institutions integrated with the industry, residential, commercial, and other such uses required for a comprehensive urban development. The location being along the Yamuna Expressway connecting major tourist attractions Agra and Delhi and the trade and commerce activities will also be an important aspect of the economic base. Further, considering a large number of educational centers located in the vicinity of the area, the area is also proposed to be developed for Institutions at regional level as well as settlement level.

The vision is to exploit the potential of growth dynamics in a sustainable manner to develop areas of economic growth with major thrust on industrial activities, residential and recreational facilities, supported by state of the art infrastructure, yet preserving the environmentally sensitive areas.